Welcome to Burntisland Swimming Club

The Club was founded in August 1886 when the Lorne Club, a flourishing Edinburgh swimming club of the day, chartered a steamer and sailed up from Trinity. Their 150 members put on a demonstration of competitive swimming, diving and life-saving in the harbour at the West Breakwater. 


This was so well received that a local club was formed and within a week B.A.S.C. held their first competition at the West Breakwater for the Captaincy of the Club. The full title of the Club was, as it still remains today: Burntisland Amateur Swimming Club and Humane Society. The 'Humane Society' reflecting the great interest in life-saving. 


The club has seen many changes since that time and now enjoys the luxury of an indoor pool! It is still a competitive club with a strong teaching element and warm welcoming social atmosphere.

We welcome swimmers to our club from the age of 5 and up. You need to be able to swim one length of a recognisable stroke to join the club.  


To book a free trial please contact our club secretary by emailing bascenquiries@hotmail.com 

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