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Swimming Times


Only during term-time are Tuesday and Sunday swimmers in their 'proper' lanes, determined by the ability of both times and stroke technique across all strokes. 

All other sessions are an amalgamation of lanes and dependant on numbers attending.

Parents should be aware that the Club is only responsible for swimmers while they are on poolside.  When the swimmers are in the changing room before and after the session, it is up to parents to ensure that their children's behaviour is appropriate.


Swimmers under 8 years of age must have a responsible adult within the swimming pool building during their entire session



Parents should not come on poolside during a swim session, please speak to the poolside volunteer at the end of the session

Session 1 - Introduction to and development of the 4 competitive strokes and associated skills; diving, turning, sculling and streamlining etc. 

Introduction to competing starts here, with swimmers encouraged to take part in our own friendly galas and if selected, to take part in the Fife Novice League.

Session 2 - Further development and refining of all competitive strokes and associated skills, with an increase in the fitness element.
Swimmers will be encouraged to take part in internal/friendly galas and if selected take part in the Fife Novice & Fife League to represent their Club.
Swimmers may also take part in the occasional gala deemed an appropriate level for their ability to widen their experience.

Development Squad -Existing swimming strokes and skills continue to be built upon and consolidated. Introduction to an appropriate level of schedule training and linked skills, such as using the pace clock, following a schedule and introduction to pre/post stretching.
Swimmers within this squad should be striving towards obtaining East District qualifying times and/or qualifying times for the District Regional Programme (DRP).

District Squad -Stroke refinement and development are brought into even more focus at this stage, with an increase in the appropriate level of schedule training and skill acquisition.

Swimmers should be striving towards obtaining or competing at an East District level  meet or equivalent.

Masters - This squad is open to anyone over the age of 16 and its focus is fun and fitness. Stroke improvement and skill development is a key part of this squad and swimmers are encouraged to compete at Masters events should they so wish – this is a great environment for potential swimmers who wish to get fit (fitter!) compete, take part in open-water or triathlete/urban races. 

Updated 31/03/2023

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