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Lammerlaws Road
Tel: 01592 583383

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The committee are all volunteers and are nominated during our Annual General Meeting, normally held towards the end of each year.


Office Bearers and Management Committee


President: Charmion Nimmo


Chair: Bridget Fraser

Vice Chair: Tahra Duncan-Clark


Secretary: Sally Grant


Treasurer: John Murray


Members Secretary:  

Entry Secretary: Jenni Milroy

Committee members:

Olive Grayson

Bob Main

John Murray

Tahra Duncan-Clark

Jenni Milroy

Sarah Flanagan

Bridget Fraser

Emma Burke

Sally Grant

Drew Murray

Eliza Twaddle

Jennifer Haig

Club Roles:


Technical Official: Vacant

Pool Coordinator: Sarah Flanagan

Teaching rota: Bridget Fraser


Coaching Team:

Head Coach – Vacant

District Squad – Aileen Kellas 

Development Squad - Emma Burke


Non-Committee Roles:

Entry Secretary – Jenni Milroy

Membership Secretary – VACANT

Team Manager – VACANT

Gala Convenor – Eliza Twaddle

Pool Coordinator – Sarah Flanagan

Technical Official – Morag Douglas

PB Book – Roger Kellas

Communications & Teaching Rota – Bridget Fraser

Trophies – Nicola Wilson

Website - Tahra Duncan Clark

Newsletter – Drew Murray

Merchandising – Sally Grant

Fundraising – Eliza Twaddle

Fife Delegate- Bob Main

East District Delegate- VACANT

Facebook- All

Child Protection Officer - Jennifer Haig

Club Captains - Gracie Flanagan & Sam Milroy


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