The Club was founded in August 1886 when the Lorne Club - a flourishing Edinburgh swimming club of the day -chartered a steamer and sailed up from Trinity. Their 150 members put on a demonstration of competitive swimming, diving and life-saving in the harbour at the West Breakwater.

This was so well received that a local club was formed. Within a week B.A.S.C. held their first competition at the West Breakwater for the Captaincy of the Club.

The full title of the Club was, as it still remains today: Burntisland Amateur Swimming Club and Humane Society. The 'Humane Society' reflecting the great interest in life-saving.


The club has seen many changes since that time and now enjoys the luxury of an indoor pool! It is still a competitive club with a strong teaching element and warm welcoming social atmosphere.




Swimmers are led by qualified teachers and coaches (Aileen, Mark, Bridget, Emma, Tahra, Grace and Sarah), poolside assistants (parents and carers) and a pool co-ordinator (Sarah), whom are all volunteers. 


Children are assessed by ability (rather than age) and move up lanes when both times and stroke techniques improve.  The first session inevitably has the younger swimmers who progress on to second session as their stroke and strength progresses.  Having worked their way up the lanes in second session and successfully mastered all strokes and taken part in a number of competitors, children move up to the Development Squad before progressing to District Squad.  First and second sessions have the opportunity of swimming three times a week (although not all swimmers choose to swim at all sessions), the other squads have more than 3 options of swimming each week.   See Swimming Information for more details.