Competition Entry


To enter competitions a coach's pass may be required and the club will be expected to supply officials such as judges and timekeepers.  In some cases, the club will be fined if these roles are not supplied.  It has been agreed that the meets below will be supported over the coming year. There will be times when a swimmer needs a achieve a specific distance or time target to be able to move forward or enter other competitions. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests but it must be remembered that all coaches and officials are volunteers and may not be able to accommodate requests to officiate.


A full list of competitions is available from the SwimScotland website (see right).

If you wish any further information then please contact either of the coaches, Martin or Bob. 


Details of these competitions will be posted as they become available.  For further details on the competitions click on the SwimScotland website.


Entries are submitted through the Entry Secretary (see Contact Us page for current incumbent), if you as a swimmer or a parent/guardian of a child with your name to be entered please let Martin Turner, Aileen Kellas or Charmion Nimmo know either by contacting us on Tuesday evenings during the training session or emailing the club using the 'Contact' page.


Please note - all competition entries must be paid in advance.

Last Updated 16/04/2018

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