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The monthly fees do not fully cover the cost of running BASC so we are always looking to fundraise.


Sponsored Distance Swim


An annual event around October each year, held during Sunday or Tuesday training times.  Additional poolside volunteers needed.  


Swimmers have 1 hour to complete as many lengths as possible by swimming continuously, preferably with a recognised stroke.  They are not allowed to walk or have rests or chat at the end of the pool.


If a swimmer does stop they may restart but the counting starts from the beginning again, and the time continues to run.  All swimmers should go to the toilet before the start as they are not allowed to stop.  If they leave the pool to go to the toilet they will need to restart or accept the total they have completed when they get out of the pool.


If a swimmer is very close to completing a badge at the end of one hour – the counters may use their discretion to give a little extra time.  The badge distances are 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 meters.

50:50 club


The club has a 50:50 club which costs £12 per year to join.


The draws are held twice yearly during Civic week sprints and Championship prize giving. 


The biannual prize will be dependent on the amount of numbers sold, at the present the total biannual prize pot will be around £200.


Please complete the Joining Form & Standing Order Form

Race Night

This is an annual fundraising event for all members with their friends and family to join in.

Last Updated 16/04/2018

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