You must arrive ‘swim ready’ with a tracksuit/onesie over your swimming togs. When you arrive you will be asked to sanitise your hands and follow signs to the poolside, in all pools you will be directed through the changing rooms to get to the poolside, where you will change and leave you bag/tracksuit/onesie. Parents/Carers should ideally drop off swimmers and not enter the building, but don’t forget to check our Facebook group just before you do to make sure the session is going ahead. Bring a face covering as you will be required to wear this when you are moving around the building. If a parent/carer needs to come in to the building please note only 1 adult is allowed per family, they must wear a face covering and practice physical distancing from other households/Centre staff at all times.



All swimmers under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the changing rooms, and an adult must remain in the building at all times while the session is on. Please note only 1 adult per family should enter the building, they must wear a face covering at all times and practice physical distancing from other households/Centre staff at all times.


When you are finished training you should towel off and pop your tracksuit/onesie back on. You will follow the signs to leave the building, most likely via a fire exit. Make your way safely to the front of the building/wherever you have arranged to be picked up.



Showers should not be used at all as this may cause congestion. Changing rooms may be available but the Club strongly advise against using them due to the increased the risk of contracting COVID. Face coverings must be worn at all times in the changing rooms, even if just walking through.



Toilets will be available during the session however the Club recommend using the toilet before leaving home. If you are using the toilets you must wear a facemask, and only one person at a time should use the facilities. As ever, you must ask your Coach before leaving the pool.



In line with Government guidance, you should avoid car-sharing between different households.



If you have travelled abroad or have been diagnosed with COVID or have been asked to self-isolate, please inform the Club before attending training. You may be required to complete a new declaration form. 



If you have any questions or feed-back please don’t hesitate to let us know.



  • Complete the Health/Self Declaration form before returning to training for the first time or if you have been asked to by the Club

  • Check that you have all the equipment you need and it’s all labelled with your name

  • Make sure you pack a face covering

  • Make sure your monthly standing order has been set up again - click here for fee information: Swim Fees | basc (

  • Get back in the water and enjoy every minute!